Clair Buddy Cat

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Claire Buddy Cat is a purrfect kitty with her ginger coat, perky ears, long tail and cute whiskers.

Perfect for personalized embroidery with your special message!

We will contact you upon purchasing to begin design of your message.  All personalized animals include a mock-up of your message before producing, including up to two revisions.

Bulk Savings

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Printing Types

Digital Transfer is an economical and high quality method of producing complex, full-color designs on fabric. Images are first printed onto transfer paper, which is then applied to the garment using appropriate heat and pressure. This creates a permanent bond that holds up even under tough wash and wear conditions.

Embroidery uses needle and thread to stitch designs into clothing. This method is especially popular with caps, hats, and jackets because of the crisp, 3D look produced. There are a couple of considerations to keep in mind with embroidery. First of all, it involves a set-up process and fee to set the ideal direction of the stitching for various parts of the design. Secondly, it is limited to a specific list of stock thread colours, but finding a close match is usually possible.

Direct to Garment (DTG) is a method of applying designs to fabric by spraying specialized ink on the fibres of a garment. It is like printing on paper, except that the paper is the garment. There is no limit on the colours you can use, or the complexity of the design, and there's no setup time for printing required. Because the inks colours blend with the colour of the fabric, coloured apparel requires a white under base layer to be printed first before the design is applied, increasing the cost. For this reason, Digital Transfer is often more cost-effective for coloured clothing.


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